True Religion: Candid Outside Milk

Jeans outside Milk
This photo is one of my many candid photos from New York Fashion Week. I have no idea who she is, I just loved her classic American look: white button-down shirt, dark denim jeans (cuffed no less), and black patent leather oxford shoes. Even though this look references the 1950s, it’s wholly modern and quintessentially her, despite the simplicity. This is the essence of true style.

For years I’ve admired candid streetstyle photography and consider it the highest level of the art form. The stakes are obviously much higher because there’s the risk of missing the shot. With posed photography, unless you’re a complete amateur it’s nearly impossible to mess up the photo if you understand the fundamentals of lighting and composition.

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Secret Signals & Punk Denim

Punk denim vest

This photo is all about the small details. And I’m not talking about the denim vest, although it’s magnificent in all its slashed and embellished glory.

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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour PS

I got to Milk Studios for Suno’s inaugural runway show Friday evening as the sun began to set. I had been shooting outside Rag & Bone earlier along the West Side Highway and hightailed it back to Chelsea to make sure I got a decent spot on the photographer riser. I also wanted to make the most of the waning sunlight and shoot some more street-style.

A bit after 7 pm I was standing directly in front of Milk’s entrance, leaning against a parked car flipping through my photos, when I heard screams. Yes, screams. I looked up and saw her: Anna Wintour. I jumped into action and was able to get just this one photo as she walked right in front of me before jumping into a black car.

Yes, I was literally too close to Anna Wintour to get a decent photo of her. This is real life.