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Lisa Hackwith

Lisa Hackwith

October 30, 2014

Image my surprise when I stopped Lisa on the street to photograph her incredible vest, to discover  not only that she made it herself, she owns her own Minneapolis-based fashion design studio!


Hackwith Design House creates limited-edition pieces that are carried in boutiques across the country. Since she traveled here from the Twin Cities on business, hopefully we’ll be seeing her pieces more often here in Chicago.


It was so lovely meeting you Lisa, and thank you again for letting me photograph you!

South Walton, Florida

South Walton, Florida

October 29, 2014

south walton emerald coast florida


Imagine a weekend full of fantastic fashion shows, delectable dining and breathtaking views. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you already know I’m not talking about another trip to New York. Earlier this October I was honored to attend South Walton Fashion Week in Florida as one of the Hilton Sandestin’s special guests.


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Corrinne... Fall into Neutral

Corrinne… Fall into Neutral

October 28, 2014

Recently I was walking around the city with a friend, and we started talking about personal style. I casually said, “you know, I’m really in a neutral phase right now” and he was like “what does that even mean!?”


Good question. “It means I’m adding beiges & whites to my standard blacks!”


Not everyone appreciates the personal relationships people have with color (or the lack thereof)! Lately I’ve been intrigued by neutral palettes, and the way people use textures and the architecture of individual pieces to create visual interest. Certainly nothing new as far as fashion is concerned, but it’s something I started personally exploring this year in my own style.


A few days later when I spotted Corrinne I knew she’d make the perfect post. Not only has she mastered the neutral palette (beige, gray & black) but she’s so casually chic. Great street style is about the way you carry yourself and true personal style. Corrinne is the epitome of what I try to capture in my photographs; this authentic way of dressing for the everyday, but finding ways to elevate it.


The key takeaway? Fine gold hoops + slouchy knits perfect for pulling off an effortlessly cool look for fall.