Anna Dello Russo, Secret Olympian?

Anna Dello Russo Turned
I mentioned in last week’s post about Taylor Tomasi Hill and Joanna Hillman that Anna Dello Russo is the owner of quite possibly the greatest legs in fashion. “But she’s not a model,” you secretly think, laughing at my childlike enthusiasm (a lot of people do!). Since when have you ever seen a high fashion model who is the picture of health and vitality, excluding the anomaly that is Gisele? But what about that Refinery29 slideshow… oh that’s right, it was about how unhealthy they are at the end of fashion week. Discoloration of the hands and feet is one side-effect of eating disorders.

Anna’s athletic, toned body is as much a part of her street-style imagery as the over-the-top outfits. In a few different interviews she’s disclosed her early morning work-outs and healthy eating habits as the key to her remarkably in shape body. My mom is an avid runner and she used to invite me to go on runs with her from time to time. I accepted because I never turn down a challenge, but was always secretly miserable because I could never keep up. I felt bad because not only is she my mom she was also in better shape at 40 than I was at 14. In her defense she always encouraged me by saying “you can’t just wake up one day and run six miles fast without training” to try to get me to go on more runs. I saw right through that one. I’m a perfectionist and could never get past the “warm up” stage of running when your calves burn like hot coals.

Fast forward to now, and my best friend from college is a big runner too. Every time she stays with me in Chicago she runs in the morning while I sleep in an extra hour. Yup, I’m that girl. My ability to eat whatever the hell I wanted and maintain a svelte figure, which lasted a full 25 years, finally disappeared this summer. I’ve fallen out of shape and I think this photo is the inspiration (aka a kick in the butt) I needed to get back into shape. After all, now both Anna Dello Russo and my mom are in better shape than me, and they’re both twice my age at around 50 years old!

Obviously since winter is around the corner I’m not going to run around in the snow crying tears of ice about how my metabolism finally slowed down! I’m going to be proactive and join a gym.

So, my loyal readers, can you recommend a gym in Chicago for me to join?

Carine Roitfeld & Anna Dello Russo

decisions Carine & Anna

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Anna Dello Russo did the unthinkable; she wore the same dress three times during New York Fashion Week. I was baffled, since Anna is a woman who prides herself on always wearing only brand new clothing. As in, she wears something once and then adds it to her archives in second apartment. The journalists over at New York Magazine did some investigative work and this is what they discovered.

Oh, and I think it’s safe to say that Carine is obsessed with Givenchy this fall. Not only did she wear three different skirts by the house (here, here, and above) during NYFW, she also styled her daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld in Givenchy for her “Carine’s World” collaboration with Barneys.

Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt RS 2

Emmanuelle Alt is currently the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue.