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Ionut & Jenna: Chicago's Spring Cold Snap!

Ionut & Jenna: Chicago’s Spring Cold Snap!

March 31, 2012  |  Streetstyle

Chicago weather is a cruel schizophrenic mistress. Part evil dominatrix, part gentle lover. That’s the nature of the beast. I’m always telling friends and family in Arkansas that the winters are totally worth living through because summers are so fucking amazing in this city. But sadly, it comes as no surprise that the lovely 75 degree weather we’ve been enjoying lately would be crushed under the wheels of a giant cold front blasting us from that jerk to the north, Canada (just kidding, I love maple syrup and hockey). I loved how these two friends, Ionut and Jenna, dressed in response to this recent cold snap. I chose not to ask Jenna to close the loops on her coat, since I love to capture the authenticity and “un-doneness” of real people. I also love to make up new words. Seriously though, these two were totally worth jumping off the brown line at Armitage to photograph on my way downtown this afternoon. And of course, most of the fabulous pieces they’re wearing are vintage.

Iliana at DePaul University

Iliana at DePaul University

March 30, 2012

chicago street style

I had the day off this Wednesday – I’m not a bum, I’m a freelancer, but I suppose the two overlap somewhat as far as the daily 9-5 crowd is concerned… or if you ask my parents. I figured I’d put this free time to good use so I met up with my former boss (whom I adore) for lunch. We walked through campus to her favorite restaurant and then back. Just as I was leaving my old building to jump on the El my street-style radar went off. Sure, it was a violently windy day but I knew I could make a photo work. Since I’m rarely in Lincoln Park during the day anymore the stars were already aligned in my favor. I started my blog by photographing DePaul students on my way to and from work at the Lincoln Park campus and class in the Loop. It was quite the synchronicity to run into Iliana again on a rare visit back.

chicago street style

Iliana has been photographed by me not once or twice, but now three times near the Fullerton El stop. Every time I see her she’s impeccably dressed, whether it’s below zero (here) or 80 degrees (here via Refinery29). Chicago needs more people like Iliana – it would make my life a hell of a lot easier. Her collar is from TopShop. I instantly recognized it since I was thisclose to buying it a few weeks ago when I went with my friend Megan, but decided to get goofy socks instead. Yeah, I admit it. I love crazy socks! But now this photo is really making me question my decision not to buy the collar…


One of the cool things about photographing someone over a long period of time is that I get to see how my photography skills continue to improve. I’m almost embarrassed to link to the photo I took of Iliana in November 2010, but I’m actually more proud of how dramatically my skills have improved from practicing almost daily for two years. They say practice makes perfect but I don’t think that’s true with photography. Like any creative pursuit, there’s always room for improvement.

Total Rewards: Shoe Edition

March 30, 2012

What better way to reward yourself than with shoes? That’s the cool thing about Total Rewards, you can spend at any of the Caesar’s shopping malls and get points back. What shoes would I buy if I had the opportunity for a dream shopping trip to Las Vegas?

1. Maison Martin Margiela metallic sneakers: yes, I already own the distressed ones but these shiny kicks are insane!

2. Christian Louboutin Asteroid pumps: I like shoes that double as weapons. Enough said.

3. Alaia Studded Flats: Everyone needs Alaia in their closet at some point.


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