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Keith... Neon Comeback

Keith… Neon Comeback

June 19, 2014  |  Streetstyle

Neon was cool for a hot minute. Then when all the major apparel manufacturers decided to trim everything from mom jeans to fanny packs with acid bright colors, let’s just say neon lost its cache. Well it’s back around, and this time it’s here to stay. If there’s anything that defines the 2010s, it’s the lack of a defined ‘look’ for the current era. These days, we all find style inspiration in various subcultures, timeframes, and a variety of retailers. I’d say that’s one of the best things to evolve out of the social/digital revolution. With the rise of the Internet, it’s easy to be influenced by lots of different sources – and not just what you see on TV.


Keith’s look is a great example of this cultural shift. Out of pieces culled from past and present, he created a style that’s wholly his own. And damn if those aren’t a badass pair of Nikes. Couldn’t resist.

Prada... Geisha and Glitz

Prada… Geisha and Glitz

June 17, 2014  |  Streetstyle

Above is one of the most popular pairs of shoes to come out of Prada’s Spring 2013 season, photographed at The WALK 2014. Miuccia was inspired by the duality of darkness and light, which she served up alongside a heavy dose of Japonisme in a season that ranged from patently monstrous to the delicately sublime. You know, your basic Prada show.


If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past four years of fashion blogging, it’s that your eye for design shifts. Sure, some people are born with phenomenal taste while others, no matter how badly they try, simply cannot buy their way into a certain coolness that’s as much defined by attitude as it is sense of style.

prada shoes rhianna

My friend Rhianna is one of those kids who looks impossibly chic, no matter what she wears. Her recent embrace of Prada has forced me to reconsider my stance on the brand, as she delightfully showed up at my apartment tonight in an impromptu visit from New York wearing the bejeweled Teva-esque sandals from Spring 2014. The magnificent clash between the utilitarian sole and pageant-queen bedazzled straps are precisely the boundary-pushing design elements that are at the soul of true fashion.


In other words, maybe it’s time for me to buy my first pair of Pradas…


Daenerys... Game of Thrones Fashion

Daenerys… Game of Thrones Fashion

As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I created a Daenerys-inspired street-style look from my closet in honor of tonight’s Season 4 finale! Call me a nerd if you want, but the unique combination of fantasy, violence, sex and drama on GOT is the ultimate expression of TV as a creative medium. Plots can be a bit cheesy and predictable, however the stunning visuals and engaging dialogue easily make up for that. Daenerys Targaryen is my favorite character, and not just because she’s kickass at life. As a strong, assertive female in the male-dominated world of Westeros/Essos, Daenerys balances her quest for power with compassion for the people she rules.

daenerys street style fashion

When putting together my Daenerys outfit, I started with my gossamer-thin periwinkle Haider Ackermann dress, one Daenerys’ favorite colors to wear. She also loves to layer whites and golds, so I threw on my new Zara top. I cinched both pieces for waist-definition with my Elyse Marie Vieni lioness necklace, rigged into a belt with a gold chain. My Chan Luu bracelet (gifted by Debbie Jagel of Ootra!) has Dothraki vibes. For nail polish I chose Chanel Peridot 531, which fit well into my overall look. Red nails don’t jive with her personality!

celine ankle boots

Last but not least, my Céline ankle boots from 2011 channel the practicality of Daenerys’ footwear choices. After all, she’s leading an army of Unsullied and Second Sons to reclaim the Iron Throne, literally ruling out delicate footwear as a wardrobe option for her.




All in all I think I did pretty well channeling my inner Mother of Dragons!

Outfit Credits

Tom Binns spider earrings / Topshop choker / Chan Luu bracelet c:o Ootra / Haider Ackermann dress / Zara top / Elyse Marie Vieni necklace as a belt / Céline ankle boots


Photos generously taken by Soundfuse Magazine