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Sheer Sunset Prints... Stephanie

Sheer Sunset Prints… Stephanie

October 30, 2012

Oh asymmetrical chiffon tops with sunset prints, how I love you. Even this winter I’ll be wearing my Clover Canyon sheer sunset dress over leggings and black tees. I’ll also probably follow Stephanie’s example and throw on a leather jacket and chunky scarf to stay warm…

Chicago... Rickey & Welbon

Chicago… Rickey & Welbon

October 28, 2012

Men's Street Style: Flannel + Denim

Men’s Street Style: Flannel + Denim

October 27, 2012

Guys, take note. Layer a single-colored flannel, preferably red like on Taylor here chose, over a denim chambray shirt for a subtly stylish look. Avoid the “Canadian tuxedo” by pairing with corduroys or khakis. Thoughtful layering is a simple technique that even the most “fashion” averse men can feel comfortable with. Personally I like Taylor’s maximalist approach to hair. I wish more men felt comfortable thinking outside the box. But then again I am a street-style photographer…