New York Street Style: Blowing in the Wind

Billowing Coat
Here is another amazing candid photo from New York fashion week last September that I haven’t had a chance to publish yet. This photo is a persuasive argument for wearing full-length coats and sticking to a neutral color palette. The fabric dancing in the wind was a spectacular sight.

Candice Lake & Peony Lim

Poppy Lim Candice Lake
Candice Lake is one of the world’s best street-style photographers and a former runway model. Her work is regularly featured in Australian and American Vogue. I first met her in February, when I photographed her as part of my first NBC mini-documentary video. In the bright red heels is Peony Lim, one of the chicest personal style bloggers out there. She has an international fanbase and counts many fashion-insiders as readers, and with good reason.

This photo is a perfect example of why I always carry my camera in hand – turned on – when I’m out shooting. Sometimes you have only a split second to catch the shot.

London, I Live For People Like You

London Full
London Hands
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London three quarters

The title of this post comes from my parting words to London after I photographed him: 

I live for people like you. 

Given that my eyes are always scanning for people to photograph, seeing someone like London enter my field of vision is like watching a birthday wish come true in real time. Or like stumbling upon an oasis in the desert; it’s too amazing to be true so it must be a mirage, but then you realize this is really happening. That’s how I feel when I see the street-style equivalent of an exotic bird of paradise on the streets of Chicago. It’s also why I always carry my tiny but powerful Olympus PEN camera with me at all times. I often find the best people when I least expect to, as I did last Wednesday on my way home from a doctor’s visit.

Plus anyone who mixes Balenciaga with pieces from legendary New York boutique Trash & Vaudeville was born to be on this website.