Secret Signals & Punk Denim

Punk denim vest

This photo is all about the small details. And I’m not talking about the denim vest, although it’s magnificent in all its slashed and embellished glory.

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Lindsay’s Chicago Skyline Tattoo


Tattoos, while not traditionally considered to be a fashion accessory, are clearly an important way to express oneself visually. I have a special place in my heart (and on this website) for Chicago skyline tattoos. I spotted this freshly inked body art on my cashier at the Gold Coast Whole Foods tonight!

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Pete’s Chicago Skyline Tattoo

Pete’s tattoo artist friend gave him this kickass Chicago skyline tattoo on his forearm. I absolutely adore Chicago skyline tattoos and will continue to feature them. I’m all about celebrating the way Chicagoans express themselves and their love for Chicago. I can’t think of a better way to represent one’s love for the windy city than by permanently tattooing it in a visible location!