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Floral Dr. Martens, and Why Tavi Rules

November 30, 2011  |  Individuals, Loop, State Street, Streetstyle
AJ Kyciana Boots

Given the enormous popularity of the vintage floral Dr. Martens it makes sense that the cult boot company would revisit the concept. I love the contrasting elements between the tough combat boot shape and the feminine print. Seriously, is there anything girlier than wearing cascading pink flowers on your feet? No. Wait, well I suppose wearing a tiara would be… You could even rock both at once in a Courtney Love tribute to that glorious archetype of mid-1990s feminist rebellion!

Well, too bad Tavi beat you to it. And she deconstructed those references with more clarity than I ever could. So I’m not even going to try, lest I embarrass myself by revealing my profound lack of Riot Grrrl cultural knowledge in this post.

All that in a pair of boots. And that’s why Tavi kicks ass.

On Refinery29: Audrey of A Lovely Escape

Audrey Amy
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of running into Audrey of A Lovely Escape at p.45, which was totally unplanned as I had gone there to meet up with Andrea of Blonde Bedhead. The Eugenia Kim event was like fashion blogger catnip!

Audrey’s photo above was also featured on Refinery29 yesterday. Check out that post here.

PINKMEMO: Tory Burch Fashion Show at the Field Museum

Amy Friends Tory Burch
Kelly Ryan O’Brien, Kelsey Kreiling, Jena Gambaccini, and me

My PinkMemo post about the Tory Burch fashion show I attended went up yesterday! Sorry for the delay, there was this little holiday called Thanksgiving that got in the way. Yes, ritualistic communal binge eating comes before fashion blogging in my book, every time. The event was held in the soaring atrium of The Field Museum. Models donned the Spring 2012 Tory Burch collection to strut down the catwalk under the shadows of Sue, the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Glistening marble walls formed the perfect backdrop to the shimmering sequins and flirty silhouettes – inspired by Deauville, no less – that dominated the show. 

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Tory invited me backstage to interview her right before the show began. We chatted about her first ever runway show this past September when she showed her Spring 2012 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Hard to believe she’s always done presentations, right? She said it was finally the right time. In an industry obsessed with speed, youth, and the transient, it’s refreshing to meet a designer who appreciates patience, hard work, and establishment. Tory told me she also felt it was the right time to open a true flagship store in Chicago to properly serve her strong client base. I can attest to this as I see women of all ages rocking her pieces across the city. Chicago loves Tory and she loves us back, which is why she partnered with American Express to produce such an extraordinary show.