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Chicago... Jewelers Row: Billy

Chicago… Jewelers Row: Billy

August 31, 2012

Slim silhouettes on men are almost always flattering on the right body shape. Billy’s young age made his tailored look even more impressive. I imagine there’s a lot stylish clothing and accessories in Billy’s wardrobe. He should start a blog – I wish there were more men’s fashion blogs. I need to hone my eye and keep learning!

I’d LOVE to hear your recommendations for menswear personal style blogs. Leave links in the comments or tweet me @Chistreetstyle.

Chicago... Gold Coast: Darius

Chicago… Gold Coast: Darius

August 31, 2012

chicago street fashion style

chicago street fashion style

Darius is one of the people I photographed while riding in the G-Wagon. I was elated when Chloé nudged me and said “what about him?” I spun around and there he was! I immediately recognized him because it was only a few months ago that I had spotted him on Chicago Avenue with his pals. The first time, the photos didn’t turn out well because of the poor lighting (my fault) but I’m happy to say these photos are excellent. Playing with flare is fun but challenging, so Darius gets major props for being so patient with me while I photographed him. So glad he finally made it onto my blog!

Mercedes-Benz G550 Wagon x Street Style Hunting

Mercedes-Benz G550 Wagon x Street Style Hunting

August 30, 2012  |  Corporate Collaborations, Feature

Amy Creyer

Last Thursday, a dream came true. Amidst the spam emails of Z-List celebrities wearing off-brand clothing and SEO offers from India was a gem of an email from Mercedes-Benz USA’s  PR Director. She was wondering if I might like to ride around street-style hunting with a chauffeur in the brand-new, redesigned 2013 G550. Better known as the “G Wagon,” it stopped in Chicago last Saturday on its way to New York Fashion Week from Los Angeles. I pulled an Elaine and promptly shot off an email with 1,000 exclamation points (I’m exaggerating, there were maybe like 20) saying YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

I brought my intern Chloé along since I knew we’d attract attention riding around the Gold Coast in such a sweet ride, which makes street-style photography more difficult. People were drawn to the G550 like moths to the flame. Since I was jumping out of the SUV photographing strangers, it gave me the opportunity to explain street-style photography AND the features of the G550 to people. Getting attention from bystanders while I’m photographing people makes my subjects feel awkward, plus I work really hard to make sure there are as few people in the background of my photos as possible. Bringing Chloé along was crucial to set up shots. She also spotted a few people for me (Darius and Katrina), whose photos will be posted in the next few days. To fuel up (bad joke, I know) the G550 stopped by my favorite cafe for burgers and salads. We had a blast!

The G550 is the kind of vehicle I dream about someday owning. It’s beyond luxurious. This is the automotive equivalent of owning a Rodarte dress. Sure, it’s functional and immaculately designed, but it’s also the experience of owning a piece of art. You know, art that rolls around on wheels and costs as much as a house. Mercedes-Benz as a brand isn’t superficially aspirational like many fashion brands, since its value is rooted in a deep appreciation of German engineering and quality.

The magic of Mercedes is in the marriage of quality and prestige – you get what you pay for.  I’m biased because I drove a baby blue Mercedes-Benz E320 all throughout college. My dad drives an SL500 convertible, so Mercedes is also a family brand for me. When I’m ready to buy a car, I already know it’ll be a Mercedes (probably vintage).

This was my car all throughout college, and I sold it a few months after I moved to Chicago:

Needless to say, doing a project with my favorite car company was one of my most exciting projects yet! Yeah, and I couldn’t resist taking completely gratuitous photos of myself with the G-Wagon. Come on, I’m only human.

Outfit Credits

Missoni x Target dress; FindersKeepers sheer duster;

Creatures of the Wind x J.Crew oxfords; Dethrose Vintage necklace;

c/o Rachel Lynn Chicago bracelets; c/o Ray-Ban Wayfarers