Ohne Titel, Cobalt Blue

September 16, 2011  |  Fashion News, Runway, Wish List
Ohne Titel
Ohne Titel Spring 2012
As part of my partnership with Milk Studios and True Religion during the Spring 2012 fashion week, I attended the Ohne Titel runway show. Although I had the opportunity to sit in the audience, I chose to stand on the photographer’s riser every time. How am I going to get a good photo from the back?

This is one of my favorite photos from the Ohne Titel Spring 2012 collection. Although it isn’t the standout look by any means (that was the red dress floating down the runway on Ajak Deng), it’s the one that resonated with me the most. I could easily see these pieces on Chicago women, especially that fantastic feathered belt. Accessories that draw on tribal elements can easily stray into costume territory, but these designers nailed the belt perfectly.

Ohne Titel back

You can see in this photo from the back that the print blocking on the skirt has a very slimming effect as it draws the eye inwards. Constructing the garment in a knit allows the skirt to sexily hug the body but the knee-length keeps the look work appropriate. Basically this skirt is perfect in every possible way. This particular shade of blue is my absolute favorite color. It goes without saying I’m going to have my eye on this skirt come spring.

The Balenciaga Boots

Outside A Wang Balenciaga Shoes
These are the Balenciaga cut-out boots from Spring 2011 that I would kill to own. Although they lack functionality as actual “boots,” they’re more like the really kick ass punk version of sandals anyway. Showing off your toe cleavage in 5 inch heels is overrated (did you hear me Mr. Louboutin?).

This photo is symbolic too: I’m always the girl in the flat shoes – notwithstanding the fact that they’re either my Margiela sneakers or Celine ankle boots – next to my friends in towering heels. I like it that way. After all, I can’t run in heels.

Suno Melon Skirt

August 31, 2011  |  Inspiration, Wish List

suno skirt
This Suno skirt is perfect in so many ways. It has a little bit of Swahili on it indicating that it may be from an original Suno vintage Kenyan fabric collection. The colors are not neon bright but the print makes up for it with its energetic shapes and zany melons. For fall, I’m going to be experimenting more with subtlety. I know, it’s completely out of my comfort zone. And who doesn’t want a bit of fruit on their clothing? I know I do. The skirt’s hem also falls at that perfect midi-skirt length.
The best part about this post? That this skirt is now mine, my one final summer sale indulgence before purchasing my new dSLR camera to replace the 1D I sold on eBay.

Editor’s Note 9/1/11: Opening Ceremony sold me this skirt before realizing it had sold at the New York location, thereby breaking my heart when they canceled my order. Some day you will be mine, melon skirt. Some day.