A.J. aka Kyciana

December 1, 2011  |  Individuals, State Street, Streetstyle
AJ Kyciana

I couldn’t resist putting all of A.J. (real name Kyciana) up today. I first photographed her a few months ago. There are always so many well-dressed young people running around in the Loop during fall because of all the college campuses. At first I didn’t recognize A.J. because she had changed her hair. All I saw was her incredibly cool outfit and killer Dr. Martens. When I ran up to her and started giving my spiel, she said “Amy, it’s me! A.J.!” That I hadn’t recognized her actually made her more excited to be spotted a second time, because it was based soley on the merits of her look. A.J. uses fashion in such interesting ways. In her own words, “it’s all about that swag.”

Floral Dr. Martens, and Why Tavi Rules

November 30, 2011  |  Individuals, Loop, State Street, Streetstyle
AJ Kyciana Boots

Given the enormous popularity of the vintage floral Dr. Martens it makes sense that the cult boot company would revisit the concept. I love the contrasting elements between the tough combat boot shape and the feminine print. Seriously, is there anything girlier than wearing cascading pink flowers on your feet? No. Wait, well I suppose wearing a tiara would be… You could even rock both at once in a Courtney Love tribute to that glorious archetype of mid-1990s feminist rebellion!

Well, too bad Tavi beat you to it. And she deconstructed those references with more clarity than I ever could. So I’m not even going to try, lest I embarrass myself by revealing my profound lack of Riot Grrrl cultural knowledge in this post.

All that in a pair of boots. And that’s why Tavi kicks ass.

Onah on State Street

Onah Half 3

Onah details GOOD

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When I spotted Onah on State Street she had this incredible energy about her that defied her age. She reminded me of Elle Fanning’s character in the Rodarte short film, The Curve of Forgotten Things. Not in aesthetic terms, but in having that quality of almost supernatural strength in her personality. It’s a feeling you pick up on instantly in the energy when you meet a person, just like coolness. Clearly this is a concept that is hard for me to verbalize but I can tell you it runs much deeper than outfits and clothing. Suffice it to say Onah is one of the special few teenagers who backs up her coolness with true personality, and isn’t just using fashion to create a facade. She has heart, which is a rare gift to see in a person of any age.