Ariel on State Street

I photographed Ariel last week while I was running errands downtown. Her blazer instantly caught my eye because, well, I own the same exact one! Last fall H&M made what could have been labeled a “capsule collection” of 5 pieces using this brocade fabric. The pieces were obviously “inspired by” the Balmain suit. Although I am staunchly against replicas (and there is a difference), I think it’s ok for mass-market retailers to water down designs for the masses. After all, any woman who can afford a $40,000 Balmain suit isn’t going to say to herself, “well, now that H&M makes a knock-off, maybe I shouldn’t spend the extra $39,940” and purchase the H&M version instead. If anything, I saw so many premier fashion designers copying from each other’s past collections during the Spring 2012 RTW shows that no one in fashion can say with a straight face that the industry isn’t built upon recycling ideas. How do you think trends get started?


Kyciana a.k.a. AJ

Kyciana, who goes by the name A.J. in everyday life, designed and made her brooch herself. She has such a great sense of personality from the vintage loafers to the leopard print sunglasses.

Kyciana brooch



The Western look is projected to be huge for Fall 2011. Proenza Schouler famously road-tripped around the American southwest to create this collection. The boys digitized Native American blankets to create pixelized interpretations of the patterns for their fabrics, which were lauded within the industry for integrating color, layering, and shape with extraordinary precision. Diane Von Furstenberg also looked west for her Fall collection and when interviewed she specifically mentioned the rodeo as a primary source of inspiration.

Purchasing a pair of Cowboy boots is one of the easiest ways to integrate a “Western” vibe into your wardrobe. Pair them with everything from a denim shirt dress like Sara above to a pair of sleek tailored jeans for a night on the town.

The question for you all is, will you be rocking the Western look this autumn?