Onah on State Street

Onah Half 3

Onah details GOOD

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When I spotted Onah on State Street she had this incredible energy about her that defied her age. She reminded me of Elle Fanning’s character in the Rodarte short film, The Curve of Forgotten Things. Not in aesthetic terms, but in having that quality of almost supernatural strength in her personality. It’s a feeling you pick up on instantly in the energy when you meet a person, just like coolness. Clearly this is a concept that is hard for me to verbalize but I can tell you it runs much deeper than outfits and clothing. Suffice it to say Onah is one of the special few teenagers who backs up her coolness with true personality, and isn’t just using fashion to create a facade. She has heart, which is a rare gift to see in a person of any age.

Candid on Michigan Avenue

Candid Walking Michigan

On Refinery29: Melanie and Hair Light

This photo was taken several weeks ago, and is actually the first photo I ever took where I purposely aimed to get the hair properly backlit. I mean, it goes without saying that Melanie and her unbelievably gorgeous blond locks of hair were the ideal material to work with.
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