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Welcome to Uber

Uber is a tech company that connects consumers with luxury sedan drivers available for hire using their smartphone app available on Google Android and Apple iPhones (everyone else can use texting to order Uber cars). It’s like using your phone to hail a limousine in cyberspace. A luxury sedan pulls up 10 minutes after ordering a car inside the app, which uses GPS to pinpoint your location. The cars also have GPS linked into the Uber app so you can actually watch your driver get closer and closer on the map. I’ve ridden in the traditional black Lincoln Towncars, but also Mercedes and Cadillacs. Compared to a cab fare, it costs about 30% more to ride the same distance in an Uber. But it’s hassle-free and tipping is structured into the fare, which is automatically factored into the charge that goes straight onto your credit card. No signing a credit slip, no fumbling with cash or change. It’s seamless. The service is genius.

Street-style hunting in an Uber car

Two weekends ago I rode around in Uber cars* like the one below while street-style hunting. I also rode in Uber cars* to visit Andrea and Jena at their homes to photograph them for the Michael Kors collaboration. It was AMAZING! I literally felt like a princess being chauffeured around Chicago like that. I use Uber when riding home from my friends’ houses and events late at night. I’ve been in a couple taxicab accidents, both of which were due to reckless driving by the cabbie, so if I’m not on the CTA (how I travel 99% of the time) I’m in an Uber. I sold my car after moving to Chicago because I didn’t want to pay for gas, insurance, or parking. I pay the $86 a month for unlimited CTA rides, I use Zipcar to run errands twice a month, and I use Uber if I’m out past 10 p.m. My transportation costs still are far below those of my friends who own a car. Even if you own a car in Chicago, I’m sure you use taxis to get around at night and when you’re exploring the city. If you’re like me, you know that it’s worth the little extra money to treat yourself to a hassle-free ride in a luxury sedan.

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Since I love Uber so much and I know my readers will too, I’ve worked out a deal for all of you. Download the App from the iTunes or Android stores and set up your account. To receive $10 off your first ride enter the code CHISTREETSTYLE in the promotional code box! I can’t wait to hear how your Uber rides are. Tweet at me on twitter, @ChiStreetStyle. Not only is it the perfect way to pick up your date in style or arrive at an event, it’s also a relaxing way to travel home at the end of a stressful workday. Although I adore the CTA and couldn’t survive without it, sometimes it’s wonderful to roll up to places in a limousine. Then again, who doesn’t enjoy a little self-indulgence now and then?

Visit for more information on how to sign up.

*FCC Disclosure: Uber provided transportation free of charge that day.

Krystal’s Rubber Chicken Handbag

I spotted Krystal the other day while I was looking for a copy of the magazine at Quimby’s on North Avenue. I am really strict with myself about never pulling customers (or sales associates) out of stores because I never want to be disruptive to businesses. So when I saw Krystal browsing the Zine rack, I crept outside to wait. And wait. And wait. I watched two North Avenue buses sail past before Krystal walked out but it was totally worth it. I mean seriously, a rubber chicken handbag; there was no way in hell I would pass up the opportunity to snap a street-style photograph of such an intriguing accessory. She told me she purchased it at the Art Institute gift shop. Humor and great design in one piece, how genius!

New York Street Style: Sarah Rutson

Sarah Rutson is one of my personal style icons. She is constantly reinventing garments and combines a ladylike gentility with a hard-edged directional undercurrent. A few months ago I did a whole post about how much I love her style; click here to read it. I took this photo of her at New York fashion week in September 2011 outside of Alexander Wang.