Krystal’s Rubber Chicken Handbag

I spotted Krystal the other day while I was looking for a copy of the magazine at Quimby’s on North Avenue. I am really strict with myself about never pulling customers (or sales associates) out of stores because I never want to be disruptive to businesses. So when I saw Krystal browsing the Zine rack, I crept outside to wait. And wait. And wait. I watched two North Avenue buses sail past before Krystal walked out but it was totally worth it. I mean seriously, a rubber chicken handbag; there was no way in hell I would pass up the opportunity to snap a street-style photograph of such an intriguing accessory. She told me she purchased it at the Art Institute gift shop. Humor and great design in one piece, how genius!

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  1. Babes in Thriftland

    This is so awesome! Loving her layers too. I just want to say that I just found your blog recently (where have I been?) and I love it. I live in Minneapolis and it's so nice to see style that's applicable to me and my climate 🙂 Keep it coming and happy new year!

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