Giovanna Battaglia outside Alexander Wang

Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia’s Arm Party

Giovanna Battaglia
To me, Giovanna Battaglia represents the apex of Italian chicness. She has such grace and yet a fantastic sense of humor with fashion, which is the necessary yet often neglected linchpin behind a great outfit. Commenters, feel free to identify the bracelets Giovanna combined together to make such a delightful “arm party.”

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Miroslava Duma

miroslava duma

Miroslava Duma is one of those fashion week staples whose outfits draw street-style photographers in like catnip. She’s also a sweetheart whose personal fashion blog, Buro 24/7, is required reading for anyone wanting a glimpse into the life of the Russian fashion glitterati. Miroslava’s cardigan and dress are by Christopher Kane, her apple earrings are Miu Miu, and her heels and clutch are by Prada.