VIDEO: Walk through Electric Forest’s Sherwood Forest

This is a video I took of my journey through Electric Forest’s version of Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest quickly became the focus and center of Rothbury, the predecessor of Electric Forest. Rothbury was more like Bonnaroo or Coachella in that a wide variety of mainstream acts were hosted alongside the core jam bands. When Rothbury 2010 fell through, Madison House realized that they had a valuable commodity with the pine forest on the grounds of Double JJ Ranch and rebranded Rothbury as “Electric Forest.” In the process, they streamlined the artist line-up to only include electronica, jam bands, and jamtronica (with a few exceptions) to create a 4 day long rave-like experience in a psychedelic forestscape.
Needless to say, I had a ton of fun.

Electric Forest Street Style

Heart Glasses Sitting
To view several more photos of Electric Forest street-style, please click below.

EVE floral tiara
soft gown


American Apparel
embellished hair light

friends hugging lot
umbrella dancing

Artsy Dreads

Blowing Bubbles
Wrists Heart Shaped

Electric Forest street style is the combination of raver candy kids, old fashioned hippies, city-dwelling hipsters and it’s own brand of Rothburian forest fantasy, as you can tell from the photos of elf-like fairies – complete with wings. The more I see, process, and think about Midwestern style, the more I think it is defined by individuality. Rothburians are freer to create individualized looks than festival-goers at a mainstream fashion festival like Coachella.

The lack of a traditional “fashion scene” at Rothbury/Electric Forest allows people to let their inner self shine through personal style without fear of judgment or snark, similar to street-style in Chicago. One of the most beautiful aspects of Midwestern life is the general kindness and respect Midwesterners have for each other. As a result people here have the courage to put themselves far out there. The camping music festival environment is particularly conducive to this brand of extreme self expression, which is encouraged and celebrated by the culture.

Electric Forest: Cerulean Tunic

Blue Tunic
Blue TunicĀ  necklace
Blue Tunic bracelets
Another woman who earned herself a separate post, this stylishly worldly look is as fashionable in the Northern Michigan pine forest as it would be in Paris or New York. I love the overaccessorized wrist jewelry and the layering of delicate necklaces. The blue tunic with hand embroidery and a subtle paisley pattern rightfully dominates the ensemble.