On Refinery 29: Morgan Carr

I’ve photographed Morgan a few times now, and this photo was featured on Refinery29. Every time I see her she’s always super stylish. I finally learned why in the June issue of Chicago Magazine. Morgan Carr is a local fashion designer! Unlike most people I meet who excitedly tell me about their hair/make-up/sewing/modeling skills, Morgan never told me. I had no idea she was a fashion designer until today!
Check out her designs and website here: Morgan-Carr.com

Designer Elyse Marie Vieni

Elyse Marie Vieni is the designer behind her eponymous jewelry line. Her creations are carried at high-end boutiques including one of my favorites, Sarca. I ran into her at Sarca during the Erin Gordon Spring 2011 Trunk Show. A woman who can spend all day out in towering Louboutin platform pumps is the epitome of street-style glamour.

Rene Mazurka



Rene sells homemade apparel, home decor, and accessories at her Etsy shop, Vertebrae.