Taylor & the Kate Moss/Terry Richardson photo

Taylor dark flare
Let me start off by blowing your minds; this photo was not photoshopped. At all. I’ve been approaching street-style with a different attitude lately. Now it’s all about burnishing my skills as a photographer. I had to get to the point where I realized how little I knew in order to truly learn. Isn’t there a famous saying about that? Anyway, a few days ago I dropped in to chat with the boys at Wolf Camera about this annoying problem with the sun flares in my shots. Sean was especially nice in telling me that no, flares are not a problem. Flares are fashionable now. It suddenly hit me, that’s why Rumi and Garance’s photos are always washed out, its flare. An ah-ha moment if there ever was one.

After experiencing an artistic revelation of epic proportions, I hadn’t even gotten across the street before I spotted Taylor on Chicago Avenue. In her relaxed, effortlessly chic outfit she would blend seamlessly with the streetstyle in Paris, complete with a small hat. Perfect for catching that flare, I thought to myself. Then I saw the reflection on the car, and it hit me. My inspiration for this photo would be the iconic photograph Terry Richardson took of Kate Moss at the race track. A game-changing photo if there ever was one.

Photo by Terry Richardson

Jesse in the Gold Coast

I loved everything about Jesse’s look. The denim vest and zippered boots embody the casual coolness his look embraces. I caught him right as the sun was setting during the “Golden Hour” as photographers call it. This is truly the perfect time of day to shoot. You know what they say, timing is everything.

Kate Janeczko

Kate FULL 5
Kate is the president and founder of TwoTara, a baby clothing company. I ran into her yesterday while I was wandering around the Gold Coast (what else is new?) and loved her Michael Kors-esque polished American sportswear look. She’s beautiful too, and was patient with me while I worked with the sunlight to get the images just right. She was also really, really excited to have been stopped by me, so I promised her I would get her photo up today. It’s something I never do, but it was so uplifting for me to hear Kate tell me how much it means to her to be featured on my site. I am so grateful to every single one of the people on my site for giving me the opportunity to photograph them, that I am usually the one saying “thank you.” It’s nice to be on the receiving end!

Editor’s note: my friends at Wolf Camera told me that flare is actually a good thing, and when I dropped in to show them my shots from the day they chose this as their favorite. Apparently flare is “in fashion” in the photography world. Silly me, I’ve been fighting it all these months!