Ipek in Cartier and Proenza Schouler

Ipek’s look is the epitome of true style. She’s relaxed, confident, and chic without dashing after the latest trends. I was walking down Michigan Avenue while she was walking up when I spotted her strolling with a friend. I just thought she looked so damn cool with her as-of-yet unidentified messenger bag (an unbelievably cool Proenza Schouler PS1) slung over her body, array of bangles and bracelets, fantastic printed harem pants, and ephemeral loose top. The flat shoes really sealed it for me, you all know that I am all about stylish women in flat shoes.

To see her killer “arm party” and Proenza Schouler PS1, click below:

Ipek arm party_
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It was only when I went up to take a photo of her wrist candy that I saw her Cartier LOVE bangle and suede Proenza Schouler PS1. That to me was the best part about her, how an individual like Ipek could rock a look so down-to-earth but luxe it up with iconic accessories hidden within. Real style is all about subtleties. You might remember my photo of Saree, an all-time favorite of mine, who also embodies this idea of young women mixing designer pieces into very toned down looks. One might say that the whole Tom Ford-era YSL/Gucci sexed-up high-glamour fashion aesthetic has never been more out than it is today. To me, it seems that the only explicitly sexual references left on the runway are the bondage/fetish themes perfected at the design houses of Givenchy and Louis Vuitton for Fall. But that’s a subject for a whole other post.

Ipek proenza bag
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  1. woooowww so pretty and fashionable

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