Chuniq appeared to me like a mirage amidst the sea of tourists on Michigan Avenue. I had gone down to the Magnificent Mile to pick up my new coat I’d ordered from Zara (outfit post soon). Her turban, natural beauty, and large gold hoop earrings instantly elevated her from the crowd. It’s the moments when I spot an extraordinary everyday person that drives me to do what I do. Capturing the spirit and the energy of the individuals I see who inspire me is really what my blog is about.

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  1. Stunning young woman and stunning photograph.

    The Styleseer

  2. agree'd! =]

  3. Thanks Amy! Everything about her look and your shot is just fantastic – well deserved #1!!!

  4. Thank you Amy for the photograph and feature! It really made my Bday weekend! As a fellow writer, I'll be keeping in touch!

  5. Beautiful Sistar Earth! The beauty that emanates from you is so you is no mystery! Gorgeous

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