Dale Jeffries
Dale Jeffries boots
In the latest installment of “things Amy loves best about being a street-style photographer,” this post of Dale Jeffries takes the cake. I first heard of Dale when he started following me on Twitter, because he always had such nice to things to say about my blog. I had no idea what he looked like since his Tumblr doesn’t contain photos of himself. So when I was stalking the stylish outside of Barneys (like every day of my life) I saw this impeccably dressed young man walking out with a friend. I snapped into action and gave the whole “can I take your photo” spiel.

Imagine my surprise when Dale exclaimed “Oh my god you’re Amy from ChicagoStreetStyle.com, I am obsessed with your blog! We follow each other on Twitter, I’m Dale!” Everything clicked, because I knew that Dale has an obsession of all things Rick Owens, and he was wearing a Rick Owens DRKSHDW leather bomber jacket. Chicago needs more men like Dale, who appreciate the importance of fine design in fashion (and the magic of Rick Owens).

Follow Dale on Twitter, @Le_Smoking, read his blog Pheasants & Vultures, and tumble on his Tumblr Le Smoking.


  1. the whole world needs people like dale!!! he looks greeeaaaat! i really really liked his boots!

  2. I love Dale! He is my homeboy and has the most amazing style ever.

  3. Dying for his style.

  4. He looks really rad, like he would fit right in somewhere in Brooklyn or more specifically Billyburg. Is the jacket all leather??? Adorable guy to.

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