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Morgan No. 2


I spotted Morgan standing on State Street with a group of her friends, including the Morgan pictured below. Yes, they are both named Morgan. This Morgan exudes a model off-duty [MOD] vibe with her perfect physical features and casually fashionable look. She creates her MOD look with a berry lip, gray waterfall cardigan, skintight jeans and Victorian-inspired heels. Like her friend Morgan below, I would be shocked if she is not studying a fashion-related field at the Art Institute of Chicago. The Morgans prove that fashion is not only alive and well, but thriving here in the Windy City.

Morgan No. 1


I spotted Morgan standing with a group of her friends on State Street. Along with the other Morgan (pictured above), she was by far the most fashionable member of the group. I am fascinated by how a bold eyebrow instantly generates such a striking look, especially when combined with a bright red lip. The leather jacket, gray jeans, and black lace-up boots maintain the focus on Morgan’s face.

Joel – Grand Rapids Streetstyle

We spent this weekend with close friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We drove out to see Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, one of our favorite up and coming Midwest bands, play on their home turf at the legendary Founder’s Brewery. Many thanks to the guys (and gal) of Poor Boys Relief for letting us crash at their pad, yet again!
So when I saw Joel at Founder’s I could not resist photographing him. I know this is a Chicago streetstyle website, but if you think about it Grand Rapids is a part of the Chi-Pitts megalopolis… that’s urban planning jargon for “extended urban environment.” Jeremy says I could justify anything – I blame it on my year working in the legal industry. Anywho, I have a soft spot in my heart for well put together twenty-something men in cardigans. When I initially spotted Joel at the bar I knew I had to feature him – no matter what city he happens to live in.