Annie Georgia Greenberg

March 16, 2015

Now that spring is finally… well, springing it’s time to get back to fun flirty dresses and colorful fashion! The last two winters have been so brutally cold, that even my winter wardrobe grew gray and dark. Today was the first day over 70 degrees in 2015, and it inspired me to pull my spring/summer wardrobe out of storage.


With plaid having had such a moment this winter, I’m sure we’ll be seeing loads of the iconic pattern–and it’s ultra-stylish cousin, gingham–being selected for delightful garments like this dress worn by Refinery29 Senior Style Editor Annie Georgia Greenberg.


Are you updating your wardrobe for spring?



February 17, 2015

I’ve never seen as many plaid scarves as I have this season! I love how Bridget styled hers with a navy toggle coat, heather gray leggings and black Nike sneakers. More evidence that you don’t have sacrifice style to stay warm this winter.

New Year's Inspiration

New Year’s Inspiration

January 27, 2015

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty”

–Theodore Roosevelt



It’s almost the end of January… have you kept up with your New Year’s Resolutions?



This photograph I took during fashion week has been particularly inspiring to me. I just love the way the sunlight peeks through the ubiquitous New York scaffolding…