August 24, 2014  |  Streetstyle

Between her wide-brimmed hat, fish-print shirt and lovely tattoos, Parri was a natural choice to photograph. I spotted her on Damen while waiting for a table at Big Star. This is one of the few times being in line has led to a spectacular photo.


Parri’s bright smile and colorful style bring a beautiful sense of energy to the image. I have to say she’s one of my favorite photographs so far this summer.





August 19, 2014

Could Melissa look any more chic in her knit cap, striped top and skater skirt? Her Oxford heels lend the perfect bookish touch to an already charming ensemble, while bright pink lipstick adds a flirtatiously empowered vibe to this perfect everyday look.





August 18, 2014  |  Streetstyle

How can you be stylish on hot summer days, when layering is completely out of the question? Enter the warm-weather minidress. Sleeveless and cut with a breezy short hem, these dresses are a great way to stay cool without compromising style.