Caitlin… Teen Vogue

November 18, 2014

Winter is here! But like you need me to tell you that. Also, that exclamation point is probably too cheerful. As I type this post I’m nestled in my cozy condo, watching steam billow from the tops of skyscrapers, swirling around in the arctic wind. Boy does it look cold out there. The Trib says it’s 20 degrees, but fighting blasts of frigid air on the way home from work made today feel so much colder.


Who better to show Teen Vogue’s readers how to dress for the upcoming winter months than Chicago’s most stylish students?


Check out all the great looks I captured this weekend in between sleet and snow, only on



November 12, 2014

Leila doesn’t just have a killer body, bold attitude and kickass clothes…she’s so much more than that. Leila is a perfect example of living, breathing, in-the-flesh fashion, embodying her personal style to the core. And damn does she fucking own it.

Lisa Hackwith

Lisa Hackwith

October 30, 2014

Image my surprise when I stopped Lisa on the street to photograph her incredible vest, to discover  not only that she made it herself, she owns her own Minneapolis-based fashion design studio!


Hackwith Design House creates limited-edition pieces that are carried in boutiques across the country. Since she traveled here from the Twin Cities on business, hopefully we’ll be seeing her pieces more often here in Chicago.


It was so lovely meeting you Lisa, and thank you again for letting me photograph you!