Chicago Street Style: Nadia

When I saw Nadia on Rush Street what caught my eye was the simplicity. A great look can be created by combining a tough edge with soft elements but requires a measure of restraint. A fail-safe combination is to combine girlier elements, like a flowing skirt and knit sweater with combat boots as seen above. It’s perfectly stylish and totally wearable.

On Refinery29: Jordan, Lots of Layers

When I’m out looking for people to photograph I’m actually searching for personalities. When I saw Jordan on Walton Street I instantly had that zing like “yes! this girl is amazing!” Some people have this really intoxicating energy where I feel happy just being in their presence. I hope I captured that with my camera because Jordan definitely had that magical aura. We chatted for a while and it turns out that she’s a huge fan of my blog, which is always the biggest compliment a stranger can give me.

She explained to me how she likes to mix vintage (her earrings) with new (Zara shirt, American Apparel shoes) for an updated, modern interpretation of the 1940s. Even her hair is coiffed like Rosie The Riveter. A lot of girls who are into vintage style stick to gorgeous day dresses and the Betty Draper look, which always looks stylish. It intrigued me to see how Jordan drew upon a different element of the era, namely that World War II and the 1940s was the first time in American History when pants-wearing by women became really widespread.

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Lono Brazil of Le Sapeurs Row

Lono Amy
There are not enough superlatives in the English dictionary to describe how happy I feel when I look at this photo. I spotted Lono Brazil on Rush Street a few weeks ago and was saving his photo for a Monday post. When I saw him I thought to myself, “this must be how James Bond would dress on the weekend.” Everything about Mr. Brazil’s look is sharp, from his killer sunglasses down to the precisely cuffed jeans. His facial hair should be held up as an example to all young men on how to correctly groom a beard.

Turns out he’s a blogger too. Make sure to check out his Tumblr, Le Sapeurs Row.