Lono Brazil of Le Sapeurs Row

Lono Amy
There are not enough superlatives in the English dictionary to describe how happy I feel when I look at this photo. I spotted Lono Brazil on Rush Street a few weeks ago and was saving his photo for a Monday post. When I saw him I thought to myself, “this must be how James Bond would dress on the weekend.” Everything about Mr. Brazil’s look is sharp, from his killer sunglasses down to the precisely cuffed jeans. His facial hair should be held up as an example to all young men on how to correctly groom a beard.

Turns out he’s a blogger too. Make sure to check out his Tumblr, Le Sapeurs Row.


  1. Cortnie Elizabeth

    Love his look! So clean cut and stylish!


  2. Amazing blog and style <3 <3If you like my fanpage you can win an O.P.I. nail lacquer, good luck 😉

  3. Another great looking guy! Well captured.

  4. I must say, that's really stylish! xoxo

  5. Quite possibly one of my favorite shots of yours. Stunning! Heading to this style maven's blog now… xx




  7. His look says it all, no words needed.

  8. Love that blazer. Where is it from?

  9. I saw this gentleman’s attire, and decided to make a comment, or two.

    Over the years, I’ve been involved in the mens fashion industry, either
    as a sales person, a buyer, or men’s store manager. Although, I haven’t
    been working in the industry for the past few years, I have continued to
    actively follow mainstream, men’s fashion trends.

    Regarding “James Bond”, personally, I don’t think you would find him
    considering this type of look for his casual week-end dress. His look,
    I think, he might be somewhat more subtle in it’s approach, and

    This fashion statement is a bit of a mish-mash of looks, and fit.
    To me, this combination looks odd. Here you have a rather ill-fitting,
    “buttoned”, blue blazer with a good looking dress shirt and tie. And,
    if the blazer’s that snug, please, don’t button it. For a casual/dress
    look, I would choose different fabric for his sport coat. Possibly a raw
    silk (no sheen), cotton, or depending on the time, year, possible “baby”
    pin wale, corduroy.

    These jeans don’t seem to work very well with the rest his look, or outfit.
    Obviously, I missed something, but when has it become “fashionable” to
    have a rolled-up cuff on your jeans, with this type of look? Looks likes
    more for “down on the farm”. Although, maybe this “look” would be
    more appropriate for a high school, or college age individual.

    His dress shoe are O.K., but a good looking, cordovan, jodhpur-styled
    boot with matching belt, might improve the overall look.

    With all that said, I do love the “shades”, and his beard is great!

    Admittedly, I’m from the West Coast. Maybe this “look” just hasn’t arrived
    here yet.


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