Sally LaPointe Fall 2013

Sally LaPointe Fall 2013

February 10, 2013  |  Runway

Sally LaPointe’s Fall 2013 collection was moody, dark, and brilliant. At first, I was a bit frightened by the giant red fluorescent lights staggered across the runway and the Depeche Mode pulsating from the speakers, because I feared the show might be just another predictable all-black New York collection from an up-and-coming designer. Luckily, I was wrong. Luxe crocodile skins were brilliantly woven into flowy tops, and there were a pair of uneven crocodile boots I absolutely would kill to own.

The color palette swerved into crimson reds, which were stunningly well done, despite the unavoidable comparisons to blood-dipped fabrics.  A tight, pleated leather dress was my favorite piece and I’d be shocked if Linda Fargo didn’t place an order, as it was one of the more commercially viable pieces in the collection. I’m excited to see how Sally grows her brand and clientele – after all, you can’t get a bigger fan than Lady Gaga and a more influential buyer than Bergdorf Goodman…

Creatures of the Wind Fall 2013

February 8, 2013  |  Runway

Creatures of the Wind christened their new collection ‘Candy,’ inspired by the saccharine qualities of synthetic materials. For example, the boys explored using vinyl instead of leather by subverting expectations. In my mind I instantly named the collection ‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ as the usual folksy arts-and-craftsy aesthetic was supplanted by a tailored, collegiate approach to dressing. Button-down blouses dominated the schoolroom sensibility along with pencil skirts and jackets. Plaids, long a Creatures signature, made a welcome appearance. Even the newer prints, adorned with Swarovski’s new 3-D microcrystalline fabric, had prismatic qualities.


The whole collection felt like science class at its most exciting. Seriously, who didn’t love the lecture on light refracting into rainbows? Add to that a rainforest like setting with deep red light and an ambient soundtrack of cricket chirps and waterfalls before the show began – and it’s impossible not to see the influence of science. My favorite pieces exuded an insect vibe with strange, hieroglyphic designs in purples, greens and fuchsias. Techno-professor meets Amazon rainforest? The closing look was a stunning goldenrod gown topped with a tough black jacket in a rebellious take on the high school prom dress.


Supremely wearable, the entire collection felt like an exercise in restraint after a series of exuberant presentations over the last few seasons. The boys have matriculated into the Ivy League of Fashion, with loads of coverage in Vogue and other influential publications. Now is the time to tighten up the aesthetic, to define the Creatures girl. A dissertation was in order, and this collection delivered by simplifying and expanding on the core elements of the Creatures lexicon. That, more than the clothes, is the real story this season, and a spectacular one it was.


Below are my favorite photos I took from my seat. If you want to see what the clothes actually looked like, here is the link to

Suno Fall 2012 Collection

Suno Fall 2012 Collection

February 11, 2012  |  Fashion Events, Feature, Runway

What is it precisely about Suno’s designs that I find so captivating? I’ve pondered this question long and hard since initially falling in love with the line’s Kenyan cloth minidresses. Originally, it was because I understood the references; my mom and I took a safari through Kenya’s Masai Mara wildlife reserve near the Serengeti before finishing up our vacation with a 3 day stay at the Peponi hotel on Lamu Island. This was back in 2009 before I’d ever heard of Suno, so imagine my surprise when in Elle a few months ago I read that Suno designer Erin Beatty traced a nearly identical trip through East Africa!

Suno celebrates life. What a trite statement, but it’s true. The explosive use of color and print points to an exuberant embrace of the fractal-like energy of life, at a time when much of fashion celebrates austerity (Celine of past seasons), bondage (Alexander McQueen), or sexual objectification (Gucci et al). What about clothes for having fun! For living! In all honesty, I’m surprised that New Yorkers have embraced such a, for lack of a better word, happy line. Suno has swept through American fashion like a breath of fresh air, awakening the cynics’ hearts and convincing the normally black-clad city dwellers that yes, it’s OK to wear color in the concrete jungle. And prints. Lots of them while you’re at it, and don’t forget to mix them.

Tonight was a tour de force through Suno creators Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis’ minds. Wildly colorful but more balanced, structured, and nuanced than in years past. The two have certainly found their stride. Yes, the designs ranged wildly from color-blocked angular pantsuits that reminded me of ’90s motifs to a 3D bejeweled dress and skirt that looked like the shapes of children dancing. And who could forget the knit of the man and woman holding hands, the two genders joined in unity. A perceptable thread of world peace pervaded the atmosphere, which even featured a few garments with nature lithographs; perhaps a not-so-subtle-reference to the tree of life? The folksy sweater adds to the evidence, as does the fact that humans evolved out of Kenya’s Rift Valley. Given the violent bloodshed of recent years in Kenya, the spiritual heart and production center of the line, this might have been an attempt to celebrate the joyous human soul in a time of darkness.