Creatures of the Wind Fall 2013

February 8, 2013  |  Runway

Creatures of the Wind christened their new collection ‘Candy,’ inspired by the saccharine qualities of synthetic materials. For example, the boys explored using vinyl instead of leather by subverting expectations. In my mind I instantly named the collection ‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ as the usual folksy arts-and-craftsy aesthetic was supplanted by a tailored, collegiate approach to dressing. Button-down blouses dominated the schoolroom sensibility along with pencil skirts and jackets. Plaids, long a Creatures signature, made a welcome appearance. Even the newer prints, adorned with Swarovski’s new 3-D microcrystalline fabric, had prismatic qualities.


The whole collection felt like science class at its most exciting. Seriously, who didn’t love the lecture on light refracting into rainbows? Add to that a rainforest like setting with deep red light and an ambient soundtrack of cricket chirps and waterfalls before the show began – and it’s impossible not to see the influence of science. My favorite pieces exuded an insect vibe with strange, hieroglyphic designs in purples, greens and fuchsias. Techno-professor meets Amazon rainforest? The closing look was a stunning goldenrod gown topped with a tough black jacket in a rebellious take on the high school prom dress.


Supremely wearable, the entire collection felt like an exercise in restraint after a series of exuberant presentations over the last few seasons. The boys have matriculated into the Ivy League of Fashion, with loads of coverage in Vogue and other influential publications. Now is the time to tighten up the aesthetic, to define the Creatures girl. A dissertation was in order, and this collection delivered by simplifying and expanding on the core elements of the Creatures lexicon. That, more than the clothes, is the real story this season, and a spectacular one it was.


Below are my favorite photos I took from my seat. If you want to see what the clothes actually looked like, here is the link to

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