New York Street Style: Unpublished Portrait

December 31, 2011  |  Close-ups, Individuals, New York, Streetstyle
Goth princess
I decided to publish one of my favorite unpublished portraits from New York fashion week in honor of the New Year. I have such a huge archive of photos that I still haven’t published. Rather than subject you guys to any more obnoxious retrospectives featuring photos you’ve already seen and covering things you already know (which I did below, if you’re interested), I figured why not celebrate the arrival of 2012 with something new?

My Favorite Detail Shots from 2011

Chanel Shoe
PS11 Lincoln Center

Punk denim vest
embroidered coat
Lauren Gabrielson Chanel Shoes
Outside A Wang Balenciaga Shoes

New York Street Style: Sarah Rutson

Sarah Rutson is one of my personal style icons. She is constantly reinventing garments and combines a ladylike gentility with a hard-edged directional undercurrent. A few months ago I did a whole post about how much I love her style; click here to read it. I took this photo of her at New York fashion week in September 2011 outside of Alexander Wang.