North Coast Street Style: Ashley Barlow


Ashley’s sunglasses are from Labrabbit Optics, one of the hippest eyewear stores in Chicago. Ashley is known throughout Chicago’s fashion scene for her quirky offbeat sense of style. She reminds me Chloe Sevigny. Ashley also writes show reviews of her favorite local bands at Chicago Jam Scene.

On Refinery29: North Coast Street-Style

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North Coast Music Festival Photos: The Scene

September 6, 2011  |  Music Festivals, North Coast Fest
Child Butterfly

The North Coast Music Festival scene is all about good vibes and friendly attitudes. I get my strong belief in the promotion of positivity through fashion from my roots in the live music scene. I work so hard to bring positive energy into fashion because the fashion scene badly needs to become a warmer, more positive place. When iconic individuals at the top of the industry like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Christoph Decarnin implode under pressure it becomes painfully clear that fashion is often times a very unfriendly place even for those who’ve “made it.” There’s no reason it has to be that way.

Karrin candid

To me the best part of fashion is the expression of individuality and creativity whether as a designer or as a consumer. The magic of a Rodarte dress or in the words of a brilliant socially-aware blogger like Tavi so clearly demonstrates that fashion can be a positive force. Fashion is all about having fun and expressing one’s inner self. It pains me that so many people use it as a way to put others down. That’s why I love street-style so much, because for me it’s all about celebrating individuality.

chelsea lauren
Chelsea and Lauren of Stic-of-the-Week

My point is that my perspective on fashion has been heavily informed by the live music scene at places like North Coast Music Festival. Not aesthetically but in the way that people treat each other – strangers – with kindness and respect. Most of the people who I’ve met in fashion are very warm people, but negative attitudes seem to be tolerated in fashion like in no other industry. Enough ranting about fashion, back to NCMF!


This shade tent was identical to the ones at the Tripolee stage at Electric Forest. I love the way the colors and shapes soar through the space, creating an ideal place to hang out with old friends and mingle with new. After spending eight years going to music festivals in the middle of nowhere (Bonnaroo, Rothbury, Summercamp, etc.) it’s really cool to have one in my own backyard. There’s something surreal about shredding to STS9 under the shadow of skyscrapers beneath the night sky.

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graffiti world
Nick Cave style art
Body paint

urban grower

Me and Amelia