Amy on HiStyley!

EvaLotta Freden, the photographer behind Los Angeles’ best street-style blog HiStyley, was kind enough to photograph me outside of the Gap 1969 design headquarters on Pico Boulevard earlier this month. You can check out her post about me here on HiStyley. I’m horribly self-conscious about my appearance, which is why I run a street-style blog and not a personal style blog. Like many other women I am hyper-critical of my appearance. Posting photographs of myself is very scary for me, but I am lucky to have the encouragement of other fashion blogger friends. 
This fear of my own photographs is ironic because I am a champion of individuality. One of the main reasons I started my blog was to show that beauty comes in all forms not just the cookie-cutter forms dictated by the fashion advertisements and popular media. It’s one of the reasons I look for stylish outfits on people of all types and not just those on beautiful women like other street-style photographers. Perhaps self-acceptance is a message that I am promoting because I am trying to internalize it myself. Classic case of projection, as the Freudians would say.

See what happens when you major in Psychology?

*P.S. I know I already did a previous outfit post with this look, but my stylist wanted me to wear it to the Vogue presentation at the Gap 1969 design studio. This was this outfit’s first time to be worn to a special event. Plus I wanted to promote Eva and her blog HiStyley.

Bing Video: Amy & Jena, Friends Matter

After much anticipation, I am so excited to share with all of you the video about our friendship Jena and I made with Bing. Jena was the first friend I ever made through blogging. I met her over one year ago in July 2010 at a coffee shop in Lincoln Park. She tweeted at me a few days after I created my twitter account. I thought it was literally the most amazing thing that ever happened to me since she had over 2,000 followers on twitter and her blog, ChiCityFashion, was full of exclusive interviews. Looking back, I remember how scared I was to meet her and how intimidated I was.

Friendships are like wine; they improve as they age. Over the past year, Jena and I have shared successes and disappointments, leaned on each other for support and sought out advice when making key decisions. Much of what you see on is the result of Jena’s critiques and encouragement. She has influenced my decision to tell the story of the individuals who I feature on my blog instead of just throwing their picture up. Jena has also influenced my personal style as well. Since virtually day one, Jena has been my strongest supporter. I realize more and more everyday how lucky I am to have made a true friend in the fashion blogging world.
I ended up purchasing the bag Jena thought was perfect for me. You can purchase the bag online here.

You can follow Bing on Twitter, @Bing, and on Facebook here, where you can also find a link to our video.

Podcast: Amy Creyer on NPR’s WBEZ 91.5

Friday August 5th, I was the featured “local guide” on the Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5) show Eight Forty Eight. With so much great festival style at Lollapalooza this weekend, host Alison Cuddy had me talk about Chicago’s street fashion scene and the best places for spotting.

To listen to my radio interview, click here to visit the WBEZ Eight Forty Eight podcast page on iTunes. Download the August 5th episode titled “After a brutal day on Wall Street…” My segment starts at the 35:22 minute mark.

Podcast: Amy Creyer talks Chicago Street Style on Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5)