Susie Bubble in Bernstock Speirs

August 14, 2014

America’s never been much of a hat-wearing culture, and it’s a shame. Hats are a simple way to add a dash of personality to any outfit. Sure, up until the 1960s men and women both wore hats, but headgear has never enjoyed the power or ubiquity here in the States that it does in the UK.


And yet, the recent popularity of luxe baseball caps and flower headdresses are drawing attention to the American tête like never before, single-handedly revitalizing the stateside crafting industry. Don’t believe me? An Etsy search for ‘flower headbands’ returns over 219,000 results.



Berstock Speirs ‘Classic Bunny Cap,’ £65.00


If you’re looking for the perfect hat to make a statement, this adorable Bernstock Speirs Classic Bunny cap is sure to do the trick. You may be thinking to yourself “well, Susie Bubble can pull off anything, so why would this work on me?” Challenge accepted. This hat is sporty, perfect for hiding bad hair days, and has just the right amount of quirk. Boom.


A smart statement piece like this hat can elevate even the simplest everyday looks. Toss on this cap with a soft knit tee, boyfriend jeans and flats, and you’re instantly street-style photographer catnip. Plus it’s a great deal for a designer hat at only $110. High quality hats easily surpass $500, and go up from there.


Can you tell I’m in love?

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