Anna Wintour

April 11, 2013  |  Streetstyle

American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, entering the Creatures of the Wind Fall 2013 runway presentation on February 7, 2013. Anna’s elusiveness during fashion week, and tendency to surround herself with bodyguards, makes it somewhat difficult to get photographs of her without anyone else in the foreground. Timing is everything…


  1. I do kinda covet that fur and that skirt-suit, but the point in that boot looks downright painful. (as if that matters when you can limo everywhere.) And her eternally-sour expression just ruins it for me. My friendly-acquaintance Jessica at has met Ms. Wintour, and she swears the lady is somewhat charming actually, but I’m probably never going to get to see that side of her. I’d imagine she probably has a lovely smile, too, if she’d ever smile. (not that I’m trying to expression-police. It’s her face and her right to do what she wants with it.)

  2. Nice shot! I love her scarf…

  3. Great picture!

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