Chicago... Under the Blue Line: Malaya

Chicago… Under the Blue Line: Malaya

October 24, 2012

“It’s not style, it’s a lifestyle,” Malaya said to me when I told her how much I loved her look. Malaya is exactly the type of person I look for when I’m out street-style hunting; fiercely independent with a unique idea of how to dress.  I’m attracted to the way clothing becomes textured by people, whether through use/wear or by modification. Malaya’s vest falls into both categories, considering she made it herself out of an old jean jacket. What’s truly interesting to me as a street-style photographer is seeing how people make fashion and style a very personal part of their lives. When Malaya told me that people are normally afraid to talk to her because of the way she dresses, I stared in disbelief before telling her that she was one of the most beautiful and coolest people I’ve ever photographed for my blog. That’s the truth.

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