Lollapalooza Street Style: Emily

Lollapalooza Street Style: Emily

August 4, 2012

lollapalooza street style

I spotted Emily on my way into Lollapalooza. My approach to street-style photography at festivals is no longer to gather a large quantity of images, it’s to thoughtfully present a curated collection of pictures with meaning. I’ve always had a serious problem with editing in general… editing my shopping list, editing my bookshelf, editing my blog. I WANT EVERYTHING!

Creativity is a process of refinement, of being aware of myself and consciously trying to become. I’m never done evolving! My favorite street-style blogs like Mr. Newton, All The Pretty Birds and Citizen Couture don’t update every day, but when they do, their photos are always incredible. That’s more of the approach I’ve been trying to take lately. I see (and photograph) lots of incredible looks on Chicago’s streets, but the background and lighting must be good enough to make it onto my blog. That’s why I always tell people the real compliment is when I stop you on the street, not being on the blog. There are so many things out of my control like crowded streets, poor lighting, etc. The chaotic world of city streets and especially music festivals are completely opposite the photo studio’s tightly controlled environment.

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