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Pitchfork Street Style... Acid Wash + Shredding

Pitchfork Street Style… Acid Wash + Shredding

July 26, 2012

pitchfork street style chicago

I love the idea of artfully distressed pieces. You know what though, this was a long time coming. To be completely honest I used to think that shredded, distressed, and destroyed clothing was idiotic. Ahhhhh, those were the days when slightly distressed Abercrombie jeans reigned supreme. Fast forward several years and now I’ve come to appreciate distress as yet another fabric manipulation method in the designer’s toolbox.

If money grew on trees this Raquel Allegra dress would already be in my closet…

Ethereal in Timo Weiland

Ethereal in Timo Weiland

July 22, 2012

Timo Weiland dress

I think every woman should have at least one dress like this in her closet. With a little ingenuity and patient thrifting, you might just find the perfect one at a great price…

EDIT: Thank you to my Instagram followers (peep me at @ChiStreetStyle) for identifying this dress as Timo Weiland Spring 2012. I had no idea it was designer, I just photographed her because it was a GORGEOUS dress! Silly me for thinking it was thrifted. The runway photo below is evidence it is not!

Timo Weiland

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Pitchfork Street Style... Ombre Pink

Pitchfork Street Style… Ombre Pink

July 21, 2012

pitchfork street style

First of all, my glamorous friend Alex gets all the credit for spotting this gorgeous woman while we were hanging out between shows. Between her incredible ombré pink hair, Alexander Wang Rocco bag, and sparkly sequin collar, she was one of the most stylish people at Pitchfork. I intentionally framed this photo to illustrate her as a fashionable ray of light amidst the grime and dust of the festival grounds at Union Park.