Blogger To Follow: Ellen Grace

Blogger To Follow: Ellen Grace

May 7, 2012

chicago street style

I first met the ultra-stylish Ellen Grace, intern at CS Magazine and Columbia College fashion design major, at the TopShop party I co-hosted in April. I left my camera at home that day because I wanted to have a fun time meeting my readers, mingling with friends, and flat-out enjoying myself. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently it is, because my pal Luis swooped into the event with a dSLR and strong-armed me into photographing him for his blog. He was kind enough to return the favor and his street-style photo of me is now my Twitter icon, so I can’t complain. Friendship is all about the give-and-take, right?

Of all the incredibly stylish people I saw at the TopShop event, Ellen stood out for her inventive use of neon socks. She paired bright yellow socks with wooden platform sandals that had plastic straps, perfect for letting the socks take center stage. Little does she know that colorful socks are a personal weakness of mine. Any woman who figures out how to incorporate bold splashes of color at her feet using knitwear is an everyday hero. I’m not being hyperbolic. How many people do you know who routinely wear colorful socks with dresses, skirts, or shorts? This is such an amazing look, and one that is often highlighted in edgier fashion magazines like i-D and Pop as well as mainstream glossies like American Vogue. I’m starting to think that Americans have a sock-phobia. You know who appreciates fine socks? The Japanese. All the best sock brands are Japanese, like Undercover and Y-3. Obviously socks have been ingrained into the Japanese fashion vocabulary over eons, so maybe we have a few hundred years to go. Am I the only person who sees an unnatural aversion to sock wearing amongst 21st century Americans?

Suffice it to say, I was super bummed out that I chose not to bring my camera when I saw her. The universe has funny ways of surprising us in the weirdest ways. All you have to do is pay attention. I am a firm believer in the concept that we create our own realities, if only because I’ve seen the principle work – without fail – in my own life over and over and over again. People who exude negative energy live in a negative world; people who vibrate positive energy live in a positive world. Thoughts create actions, and actions guide our lives. That’s not just the Buddhist in me talking; psychologists have proven that how we see the world has as much to do with what is actually there. So imagine that the next night – 24 hours later – I catch a glimpse of Ellen’s deep chestnut topknot at SAIC’s The Walk fashion show and benefit! Finally, I have the chance to photograph her! Thank you, universe! And not only that, she was wearing her colorful socks, this time paired with a pair of fabulous metallic creepers.

It’s not often – ever, actually – that I miss out on photographing someone and then get the chance to shoot them for my blog the very next day. Now that, ladies and gentleman, was one wonderful synchronicity.


  1. err love the socks and shoes combo, this post has to be one of my favess!

  2. Wow, now that’s a post! This is definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for all that positivity! Love her fun bun and the pop of color on her lips.

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