Personal Style: The Tory Burch Challenge

December 21, 2011  |  Amy's Closet, Individuals

In three months I turn 26. That birthday was always the moment that stood out in my mind as the age when people become real adults. It’s when people start to have mortgages, children, and marriages. I mean let’s be honest; most 18-year-olds are really just AINO; adults-in-name-only. With the terrible economy drastically reducing entry-level career opportunities for young adults, graduating from college and heading straight into an executive position at 22 is a fantasy for all but a select few. Most of us liberal arts majors have had to make do with whatever low-paying jobs we could get, or return to grad school to learn marketable skills. I took option 2, thankyouverymuch, and now I have this lovely blog to show for the past 1.5 years. I tell interviewers that basically I created my own internship, something they all instantly agreed with. Now that am I two classes shy of graduating with my master’s degree in management and interviewing for executive positions I feel like I’m finally growing up!

When Tory Burch invited me to visit her brand new Oak Street flagship and pick out a couple items to feature I saw the experience as an opportunity to think outside the box. While I tend to buy directional fashion with a hard edge, Tory Burch’s aesthetic is the essence of pretty. Her pieces are flirty, they’re feminine, and they’re girly. That’s what has made her so successful because she designs stylish clothes that are accessible to the everyday woman. I think we in fashion tend to close ourselves off to exploring new brands, and far too often stay in our comfort zones. I know I am that way but I’m working hard to evolve my style. Since I’m at a transition point in my life I knew I should use this as a chance to explore my new identity as a career woman. That’s why I chose the Mattie dress, which combines a soft quirkiness with a super polished vibe. I love how it looks like it’s actually two pieces. Plus, it’s worth noting that this is the first piece of tweed that has ever entered my closet. Going someplace new, right?

My second piece was an easy choice; the Robinson black patent leather envelope clutch. I like how subtle the logo is and I’ve wanted a clutch for a while… being a street-style photographer doesn’t lend itself well to carrying non-messenger style bags. But I do have a life outside of blogging where this would be perfect, like going out to dinner and on dates.

In many ways I am still a kid at heart (*cough* CTA Holiday train freakout *cough*) hence the bubblegum pink vintage Bottega Veneta pumps from Dethrose Vintage. Every outfit needs a little touch of the zany to make it fun!

All photos by Luis Torres of Chic Overload.

FCC Disclosure: The dress, sunglasses, and clutch were gifted to me by Tory Burch; the coat was gifted to me by Zara.


  1. Great choices and congrats on almost graduating 🙂

  2. AMY!!!! Love this look on you. It's so sophisticated and chic.

  3. Very nice. I clicked on the link to the dress and can honestly say it looks better on you than the model (she's too skinny). Congratulations on being gifted such a great outfit!

    For me, turning 26 was when I officially felt "old". But 30 was the year where I felt I should have everything together by. I guess we'll see if that happens!

  4. Oh la la!

    First off, I love the editorials that you compile around your photos. I absolutely love the voice you write in!

    Second, happy almost birthday! I just turned 26 too… Eh. A gift from Tory Burch is like none other – GREAT picks!

    Thirdly, You and Luis work right by me – You're standing right in front of my office building! Here's hoping we'll run into one another often in 2012!

    Happy Holidays lady!
    x Hallie

  5. andrea k (blonde bedhead)

    This is really such a great look, it's so feminine and pretty with some classic Amy-ness to it with the earrings, coat and nail polish. You look stunning! Luis did a great job with the photos too 🙂

  6. Omg this is my favorite photo of you. The classiness of the clothing balanced with the playfulness of the pumps is a perfect presentation of your personality.

  7. things in mexico are basically the same, that's why i opened my blog too, of course it is not as big as yours but i had to start somewhere right?? 😛 i love your picks from tory burch, she is an amazing designer and you do look very chic-grown up!!

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