Katie and Lindsay: Two Friends

Katie and friend

I was inspired to photograph these friends a couple weekends ago while style hunting in Wicker Park. It’s interesting to me how close friendships can influence personal style, as both Katie and Lindsay have a very similar look. I am lucky to have very stylish friends whose aesthetics have become a part of my fashion sense. Katie and Lindsay even have matching friendship necklaces on, which I love. You’re never too old to have a best friend!

The person who influences my style the most is my fellow fashion blogger and good friend Jena. Jena has done more than introduce me to Proenza Schouler or convince me to wear neon. She has helped me cultivate a real sense of personal style. A week ago I was telling her that since billowy tops and tight pants have become my signature day-to-day look, I should probably try to change it up with more ladylike dresses. She replied that if that’s my look, I should rock it! I should never try to change my style to please others because true fashion is about expressing one’s inner self. Jena has given me the self-confidence to wear what I like.

Do you have friends who help you make fashion decisions or who influence your style?


  1. Aw thanks Amy…you're so sweet! It's always best to wear what you like…glad I could help 🙂

  2. Great pic! I love when you capture a real moment on the street. Nice find. xo 5th

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