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7 Questions With Amy Creyer


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I was asked to participate in a really fun Tumblr called 7 Questions run by Fredrick, a.k.a. Thug-Life. He hand chooses people from Twitter who he feels embody the thug life and have achieved a level of prominence in youth culture. I had no idea I was considered a thug until I saw my photo alongside KREAYSHAWN and other rappers on his website. Guess this little white girl has got that swag, right?!

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A cross between a fairy princess and an urban warrior.

2. If you had a magic lamp what would be your 3 wishes?
    1. To own everything at ikram.
    2. Perfect lighting outside every time I go street-style hunting.
    3. For everyone to realize the power of dressing like an individual.

3. At what point will you feel that you’ve accomplished something?

Haven’t I already? The real answer is never. I can always go higher, faster, further, deeper. 

4. Do you fart in public?

Only when plausible deniability is an option.

5. What was your last dream about?

Swimming at a water-park with my best friends and eating lots of bagels. Have no idea where that came from.

6. what does money mean to you?

Fake monopoly bucks that I can trade in for clothing. Money seems to constantly seep through my fingers like sand. It doesn’t feel real. No matter how hard I try, I can never hold on to any.

7. Favorite toy as a kid?

The Super Nintendo my parents bought me as a birthday present when I was 6.

Wicker Park Fest: Diner Dress

Unnamed pink diner dress
I snapped this woman at Wicker Park Fest wearing what looked to be a vintage diner waitress uniform. She was in too much of a rush to chat so I missed grabbing her name, but I did get the shot. If any of you know her please leave her first name (and only first name) in the comments section. Thanks!

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Wicker Park Fest: Rebecca

Rebecca Free People

First things first – how beautiful is Rebecca? I spotted her outside of Free People where she works trying to get customers to shop inside the store during Wicker Park Fest.