TREND: The Gentleman’s Comeback

Keilon CU
Keilon is another example of the resurgence of the Gentleman look on the streets of Chicago. This polished aesthetic has become the provenance of either the very young or the much older. Baby boomers, for whom the ability to chair a boardroom meeting in jeans is the ultimate expression of sartorial power, are lost in between. It’s rare to see someone between 45 and 60 years old sporting this look, but I see this – or elements of the Gentlemen – in virtually all fashion-forward young men these days.
Jeff  bowtie
Or take my friend Jeff over at The Midwestyle fashion blog for another example of how young twenty-something males are taking the sort of pride in their appearance that their parents never did. Above is a detail shot of Jeff’s bowtie etched with tiny little skulls. I photographed him for a Refinery29 project that will be released in mid-July, so I am not able to share with you his entire look just yet. I encourage you to stop by The Midwestyle to see more of Jeff’s personal style and to learn more about men’s fashion. Their blog has been educating me for months on the subtleties of men’s style. I’m sure you’ll discover something new yourself.

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  1. That stars shirt is AMAZING! Can't wait to see the whole thing in July!

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