George Keaton

George Keaton

When I spot someone like George on the streets of Chicago, it validates my entire existence. Immediately before running into George on Rush Street I had spent around 40 minutes style hunting with no success. The fact is that since I practice authentic street-style there are no guarantees. I am completely at the mercy of the universe and chance. So when someone like George comes walking towards me, after lots of time wasted, my heart starts to sing. It’s grueling physical labor to be a street-style photographer in Chicago. I spend an average of five to six hours outside walking around, and hike anywhere between 3 miles (short day) to 8 miles (long day) everyday. I have the calves to prove it. It takes that much time to find people like George, who are scattered like diamonds in the rough amongst the sea of sameness.

George is a very talented artist and illustrator based in Chicago. I thought at first he was a stylist, but his superb sartorial sensibility comes from his training as a graphic designer.

To see close-up photos of George, please visit my Tumblr.


  1. the nyanzi report

    absolutely worth the wait! i love this dude's style.

  2. Private suggestion to you:

    Great shot!! One of the secrets to tumblr is that full shots work better, such as this one, than close ups. This shot, for example, would be great for tumblr.

  3. Meredith Howard

    I know the feeling. It is fabulous when that you see that "YES" walk around the corner. I am currently obsessed with hats, so I love that about him. The shoes are great, too.


  4. a great man of style.

  5. "Sea of Sameness"!!! Love it!!! Not only is George a dandy, but the old school Chicago gangway is a stunning shot! Your photographs are the top drawer!

  6. This is great! Love this look, great find!

  7. ChiTown Fashionista

    So fly!

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