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Gray and his friends drove a staggering 13 hours straight from Auburn, Alabama just to see their favorite bands play in Chicago. The boys rocked out to Arcade Fire and The National at UIC’s Pavillion last Friday night, and spent Saturday exploring the city. I’m happy to report that the boys had a great time in the Windy City. Then again, who doesn’t?!

Saree’s Celine Tote


Saree’s gorgeous red hair was the catalyst for me dashing down Rush Street to catch her before she disappeared into Le Colonial. I caught her right as she was entering and luckily she was a great sport. Imagine my excitement when I looked down to see her Celine tote! Personally, I prefer this style to the Luggage because it’s extremely understated. To the untrained eye it looks like any other leather bag. The Australian work boots, the silk (possibly Hermes?) scarf, diamond earrings, and neutral clothing work perfectly together. I could easily see her on The Sartorialist.

Since I only just turned 25, my personal style and fashion point-of-view continue to evolve at a quick pace. After reading the wardrobe advice book Nothing To Wear, given to me by my friends over at Visual Therapy Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, I am starting to build looks around one or two key pieces rather than say, five! Saree resonated strongly with me because she achieves what so few young women can – to be ultra fashionable but not overdone or excessively accessorized. She has that certain ease about her, like fashion just comes naturally to her.

Trust me, it is not easy to look this chic and classic at the same time.

Cheryl Pope


I have been so busy working on various projects that I completely forgot to post Cheryl’s photo. Quite shocking actually, because I was absolutely entranced by her rainbow-colored tights, hot pink sneakers, and bold haircut. It wasn’t until I saw Isa’s photo of Cheryl two days ago that I remembered! I fear this has happened to several other photos of equally amazing people. One of these days I am going to spend an entire afternoon searching for “lost photos.”

Contrary to my initial impression, Cheryl is not an SAIC student; she is an instructor in the Continuing Studies and Special Programs division. But she looks so young!

View Cheryl’s art work and exhibition information here on her website.