John and Courtney

John and Courtney WM

Notice that both John and Courtney removed the laces from their shoes. True style is all about subtle details.


  1. Amy,
    Thanks for having such a great site. Your site is helping me understand that style is not about spending a lot of money and matching everything. Style is something completely different. Thank you!

  2. @bnjcil – that's right :)|
    I like this girl outfit 🙂

  3. I love how both of them have an insanely keen sense of style. Power couple. The shoelace thing is a wicked idea as well.

  4. Awesome shot! I really like both of their personal styles. Love!


  5. the nyanzi report

    The lady has got alot of style. Understated but very effective. The rolled up distressed denim and shoes are a great choice and combination.

  6. I was just telling my friend the other day that in my ideal relationship, my man and I can share clothes. These guys look like they could pull that off.

  7. @Nyanzi @CurbAppeal @BTBaxter I'm elated this photo resonated strongly with so many of you 🙂

    @bnjcil @aga: that's one of the reasons I took this photo, to illustrate how simple (and free) details go a long way towards creating a very strong sense of style. For me at least, I am FAR more intrigued by people who personalize themselves in unlikely ways. Maybe it's a necklace wrapped several times around the wrist to make a bracelet, or a brooch made into a hair pin or barrette.

    —>Bottom line: I look for people who think outside of the box.

    @Emma you know Garance Dore and Scott Schuman share each others' clothes, right? I totally agree with you, there's something insanely sensual about two people sharing a wardrobe.

  8. What an adorable couple!!! Love the style, love the setting…looks like a magazine cover. Great photo. These two look like a fun pair…and total talent in making a refreshing fashion statement.

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