Moncler: "Snowpocalypse" Street Style

The 2010-2011 winter has seen the rise of Moncler puffy coats as the favorite outerwear for Chicago’s well-heeled crowd. These photos of women wearing Moncler coats were taken over the past week, both before and after the “snowpocalypse.” The presence of three foot high piles of snow should help you determine when each photo was taken!
Jackie and her Alexander Wang handbag
Helen Emily
Helen carrying a Fendi spybag, with her daughter Emily


Karla and her Balenciaga handbag

Although I am not particularly a fan of the black puffy coat look on myself (I prefer to wear wool overcoats, even though they’re much heavier), I think it’s important as a streetstyle photographer to document what is actually occurring out on the street. The great thing about streetstyle is that as an artistic form, it’s about celebrating reality and individuals in all their beautiful permutations. It’s not about dictating trends or encouraging people to buy this season’s “it bag,” it’s about revealing fads and sartorial movements as they occur. I had only heard of Moncler coats last winter – and now I see them everywhere!

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    Jackie's outfit looks stunning! I like the bag in particular!

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