Will's LV by Sprouse
After seeing Will’s replica Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton handbag on a CTA platform in Evanston, I realized that I actually prefer the artistically modified LV monogram to the plain LV monogram. Perhaps it’s my bias in favor of Japanese pop culture over graffiti, but I have to say Murakami is my favorite. What a bad street-style blogger I am, passing over a luxury handbag inspired by street art in favor of one that pays tribute to rainbow-colored bubblegum-flavored pop culture!


  1. The Neverfull bag is not a vintage piece. This bag is fake. The style of this bag came out in 2007 and the original Sprouse graffiti pieces did not come in orange. Love and just stumbled upon your blog!

  2. Chicago Streetstyle Scene


    Thanks for the explanation. The guy who was carrying it was adamant that it was real. Just goes to show you how prevalent fake Louis Vuitton handbags are!



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