Logik, Dimress & Jabari

Logik is wearing a red Dr. Seuss t-shirt, premium denim jeans, and a black chain necklace. On his feet are gnarly red and black sneakers. Logik was clearly attentive to his overall aesthetic while creating this look. Everything is harmonized from head-to-toe. When I see a strong personality expressed through sartorial choices, it makes me want to know more about the person. I wonder, what is Logik carrying in his Fred Perry bag?
Dimress gives Rhianna a serious run for her money with her super trendy haircut. Shaved on the sides, tall on the top is a very sexy yet edgy hairstyle currently popular with fashion forward women. She is wearing an oversized Black Panther Party t-shirt, artfully ripped leggings, tassled loafers, and chunky jewelry. If you look closely, you can see that her necklace pendant is a black power fist. Dimress thoughtfully coordinated her entire look around a central theme – black power! I love it when a person, in this case Dimress, uses fashion to create a commentary on a cultural or political issue.
In contrast to his friends, Jabari’s look is down-to-earth and casual. Jabari uses gray classic Nike high-tops and khaki shorts to complement his turquoise plaid shirt. He is wearing Pantone’s Color of the Year 2010, Turquoise, and shows how to use neutrals to enhance the presentation of a single bright color.

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  1. ChiTown Fashionista

    All of them look amazing. Love it!

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