Yoly WM
Yoly Shoes WM

Yoly’s amazing shoes are Jessica Simpson. I have to admit, the awesomeness of these heels has completely converted me to the Jessica Simpson brand. Before, I thought it was just another vapid celebrity line. But honestly they make some really cute things. Whether or not she designs them herself is beside the point, she was obviously smart enough to work with people who can design fashion-forward pieces at an affordable price point that actually sell. That is no small feat since most mass-market brands water designs down to the point of hideousness in an attempt to please everyone. The end result? They end up pleasing no one.

Although she bought hers at Akira, you can buy them online through Zappos with free shipping!

To see close-up photos of Yoly’s “crackle” manicure and feather earrings, visit my new Tumblr!


Drita CU WM
Drita is one of those really cool girls who just exudes confidence on the street. Often times I find myself attracted to photographing people who hold themselves well, although in this case it was the accessorizing that did it for me. How cool is the mixture of textures between the geode pendant, glass ring, red scarf and feather earring?



Dusk had already arrived when I spotted Becca on Belmont on my way home after a long day of street style hunting. I always spot the most amazing people when I least expect it, which is why I always carry my camera with me. That’s what is so exciting about being a street style photographer – you never know what you’re going to find on the street.

Becca is strikingly beautiful, the way her multicolored wisps of hair frame her charming face. There is an interesting contrast between her delicate gold necklaces and the boldness of her multiple facial piercings. The cat-eye makeup provides the perfect level of makeup to create a truly extraordinary portrait.