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Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo

September 15, 2014

When I first started my blog four years ago I dreamed about the day I could photograph Anna Dello Russo. 2010 seems so long ago now! I’ve photographed Anna at every New York fashion week since my first trip to the collections. Four years later she’s still rocking the playfully extravagant outfits that first put her on the street-style map.


anna dello russo street style chanel


I certainly enjoy photographing Anna in her trademark statement looks. But it’s honestly her open-hearted embrace of the pure joy of dressing up that I find most intriguing. She’s not afraid to play on the edge with directional pieces and wears what she loves.


And isn’t creating a sense of personal style (and having fun doing it) what great fashion is all about?

Caroline Issa + Natalie Joos

Caroline Issa + Natalie Joos

September 12, 2014

After I took this photo of Caroline Issa and Natalie Joos arriving at Alexander Wang, another photographer jokingly said to me that now we can call it a night.


“Shoot’s over, that’s a wrap!”


The thing is, he wasn’t far off from the truth…

Irene Kim

Irene Kim

September 11, 2014

Korean-American model and TV personality Irene Kim is bursting with energy. Her presence is simply magnetic. I’ve watched lots of bloggers prance around in front of street-style photographers, but I have never seen anyone as captivating in person as Irene outside the shows. She’s a master at drawing in the photographers, playfully twirling and strutting in a way that’s surprisingly genuine. Fashion is an industry that, for all of its superficial stereotypes, celebrates the people who take authentic pleasure in the whimsy of dressing up every day.


Cheers to you, Irene, for being an absolute blast to photograph!


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